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Транспорт на запаливи стоки - ADR 


Oversized transport of special, heavy loads requires experience and special equipment, because the dimensions and specific characteristics of the load require special care both in protection and packaging, and during the transfer of load from the facilities in which they are located.

Best Doo from Kavadarci specializes in complex transport projects (door to door transport service for large and / or heavy loads), when a combination is possible, depending on the destination, weight and dimensions of the load and use of different modes of transport (road, river, sea, rail and air transport).

We have all the necessary equipment for handling special loads: hydraulic hoists and elevators, all types and types of forklifts, platform forklifts, telescopic forklifts, field forklifts, diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, gas forklifts, various cranes, hooks special acceptance machines, various robots and machines, as well as ladder equipment and various inaccessible terrains. Our specially trained team will easily perform all the necessary activities for preparation, positioning, loading and unloading of all types of cargo, as well as positioning at the desired location inside or outside the facility.

For its clients, Best Doo provides a complete service for transportation of special cargo such as:

- Creating a plan for realization of the requirements
- Professional packing, protection and securing of cargo
- Finding the optimal route for transport of cargo
- Organizing the cargo with the necessary equipment and with the help of professional and well-equipped staff
- Transportation to the desired location
- Organization for unloading at the desired location

With secured warehouse space Best Doo company allows our customers to store special cargo, before or after transport, in our logistics centers. Our warehouses have state-of-the-art equipment, as well as security video and alarm systems.

Best Doo guarantees its customers the safety and delivery of special cargo. When signing the contract, our clients receive a legal guarantee that the work will be performed in accordance with the contract, and that they will be fully compensated in case of damage to the cargo.

For transport of special goods, we can provide our clients with additional insurance through reputable insurance companies.

The transport of oversized goods / cargo is subject to certain legal restrictions, which refer to the dimensions of the cargo, the way in which the cargo should be transported, the transport route / route along which the vehicle is moving, as well as the time of day when it is allowed to shipping is performed.

- Multipurpose equipment and large-scale machinery
- Combines, tractors and other large-scale vehicles
- Dump trucks, dumpers or large loaders
- Miscellaneous trailers and work vehicles and equipment
- Cranes, hoists, various parts and equipment
- Concrete and metal structures or parts thereof
- Silos, boilers, plants
- Long materials, with great lengths and weights

- Organization of loading and unloading at the desired location
- Finding the optimal transport route -
Obtaining the necessary transport route
of complete customs procedure
- Providing the necessary technical and police escort
- Transportation of the desired route
- Positioning of the cargo at the request of the client

International transport of special cargo means that it is necessary to know the restrictions of each transit country. Best Doo is familiar with all legal regulations and procedures, and each offer is formed individually, depending on the characteristics of the cargo, the destination for the transport of goods, the necessary equipment and escort.

To form an offer for transport of oversized goods requires detailed knowledge of the characteristics of the cargo (dimensions, weight, size, specific properties, conditions of transport and security of the cargo ...) and the characteristics of the transport relation.

The procedure for obtaining all permits is specific to each country and takes 15 to 30 days.


Transport of massive and oversized goods



Our own fleet of truck trains ensures an effective order management. We deliver goods of various classifications: piece, bulk, general cargo, solid and liquid bulk cargos, as well as specific goods.

Our own fleet of truck trains ensures an effective order management. We deliver goods of various classifications: piece, bulk, general cargo, solid and liquid bulk cargos, as well as specific goods.